It all starts with releasing your dreams

When I was a child, I had two childhood dreams. I would either become a very famous actrice, so that everyone would admire me and thus listen to me. This last part was also very important to me! Or I would become a doctor and dedicate my life to a humanitarian organisation
like Doctors without Borders, so I could save everyone.
And as with most childhood dreams, I became neither of them! Yet! Haha! Because as with most childhood dreams there is always some truth about yourself in it. And now that my new webpage is finally up and running there is space in my head to dream again. And I love that once in a while, dreaming. Giving yourself full permission for dreaming can be such a gift, a free gift!
I felt that the essence hidden in my childhood dreams came back to me. Because I do want to become a motivational speaker (and have people listen to me;)).
And I do want to work for a humanitarian organisation in a supporting and inspiring way!
I know the time is not ready yet for it to happen tomorrow. But as we are all able to write our own future script I am already writing this one for when the time is ready. For me to create and recognise the opportunities in the future.

And now that I am dreaming openly, let’s add one more. A dream I didn’t particularly have when when I was little. I never truly dreamed about having money at all. I remember once saying to a friend during my time at university: ‘Oh when I would have a lot of money, I would give it all away, I would have no clue how to own it’.
Well, this changed with the years luckily, and even more when I got more insight in my relationship with money and where it stands for. My goodness, all the power I am giving away by not earning a lot of money myself! And somehow this exploration around my money mindset has released a hidden longing to do earn a lot of money.
To have a wealthy life and fly around the world?
Well, I know that part of wealthiness in a way already and that part has never brought me the real fulfilment.
I am just really looking forward to the part where I can invest in things I truly value and where I can contribute to the world my way.
Here I am, talking about money again. I know some consider it a bit cheeky or inappropriate. I find it such a relief :).

Where is the essence of your childhood dreams still related to your current dreams?

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