About Martine and Dominique 

Dominique and Martine find each other enormously in their shared passion for uncovering authenticity, truth and potential. They share the same dreams for a more conscious world in which more women stand up and make their natural contribution to a more beautiful world from their own story and full potential. They recognize and strengthen each other in their natural interest in both science and spirituality and are always evolving.


My name is Martine and I am a coach, facilitator, traveler, art lover and mother of three children. I realize that I have everything I ever wished for: a feeling of freedom! And by that I mean, among other things, that I experience the complete freedom of choice and direction to shape my life in my own way and according to my own values. But that has not always been the case. I remember my young years as lonely, difficult and complex.

When I look back I see a girl with enormous potential (like many young, sensitive and smart girls), but it was difficult to make full use of that. It took years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears before I could consider my life free and successful... Because of that experience, my wish grew to help young women like you take full leadership of your work and private life. And so the School for Young Women's Leadership came into being...

I have a deep desire that every girl can develop into a courageous, powerful woman who knows her value, lives from her heart and shares her own sound or voice with the world. It is my mission to create a safe, inspiring environment for you to discover your desires, grasp your full self-esteem, and take your steps toward your true mission of feeling supported, complete, and loved.

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Martine believes that the future is female and that we need powerful, authentic, female leaders to meet the needs of this changing society.

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Completed training in a nutshell:

  • Master of Arts ('97),
  • Academy of Psychotherapy ('08),
  • ORSC certification (team and relationship coaching '16),
  • CTI Leadership program ('16),
  • B-School (online business school '17


Additional courses and workshops that have inspired and influenced me:

Focusing, Contextual Therapy, Happiness and Silence program (Art of Living), Theory U (Otto Scharmer), Reinventing organizations (Frederic Laloux), Sacred Money Archetypes Course, Storytelling, Intuition courses and Ashtanga yoga classes.

People from past and present who excite and inspire me in random order:

Nelson Mandela, Thich Nath than, Deepak Chopra, Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Hiro Boga, Nancy Smith (The Anatomy of Peace), John Gottman (Gottman Institute), Irvin D. Yalom, Janusz Korczac, Betinho Massaro, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living).

And many teachers and colleagues I have met during my studies in various places in the world. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet many different people in the world on my travel adventures who have contributed to my (personal) search for more understanding, more connection, wholeness and inspiration.


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My name is Dominique and I work as a coach and trainer. I am active, curious, spiritual and pragmatic. I enjoy realizing dreams, challenging myself and others and I love to write and travel. It is my mission to discover together with you what your vocation is and how you can realize it. That you will live from your authentic core and do what you have to do here. My belief is that we all have a unique mission. A combination of our desires, talents and motives. As soon as we start to use our heads to carry out what our heart tells us, we will build a new loving world together.

To come to that insight I had to go deep into the dust at a young age. During my doctoral research at the university I got burn-out.

I was 25 at the time and was in the middle of the rat-race. I led a life that I thought was expected of me. A life where the focus was on output instead of input. I lived in my head.

Burnout was my salvation and I was forced to respond to my sensitivity and turn inward deeply. During a 10-day silence retreat I decided to step out of science and shortly after that I started a professional coach training. Finally I felt the flow and satisfaction I had been looking for for so long! My mission was clear.

After a master HRM and several scientific studies in the field of work and organizational psychology and talent management, I also followed several practical trainings in the field of mindfulness, breathing therapy, voice dialogue, and systemic work.

It gives me deep satisfaction to explore with you who you really are, what your greatest desires are and how you can realize them. So that YOU too will live your mission!

What we contribute

The mission of this School for Young Female Leadership is to support as many young women as possible to live the live they deeply long for.

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‘Live a life without limits, all things are possible to those who believe. ’