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Live Interactive Webinar

Subscribe here for our interactive webinar 'Young Female Leadership' on Tuesday evening 2nd of March 7.30 pm CET.

Do you occasionally struggle with all the choices you have?

Or do you know what you want, but don't yet manage to own it fully and realise it?

Do you want more insight into what your personal unique mission is in order to feel a stronger sense of direction and natural energy flow?

In this webinar we will give you insight into how to shape your life with more ease and juiciness in the way it feels right for you.

Don't let life decide for you, take the steering wheel yourself, create more self-confidence, peace, satisfaction and a feeling of freedom in your professional and private life. 

We love to share our lessons and our knowledge with you!

What can you expect in this webinar?

  • What is our story, who are we and who are you;
  • What is Young Female Leadership?;
  • What do we mean with living or embodying 'your unique personal mission'?;
  • What are important ingredients for female leadership and finding and living your mission from your authentic self;
  • Short concrete visualisation that will give you more insight into your next step;
  • More information about the program 'Young Female Leadership';
  • Q&A and discussion with the participants;
  • After registration you will receive the Zoomlink, so you can be there from any location!
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Young Female Leadership Program

‘What I love about the program is that I could truly be and tap into myself, because of the atmosphere you created around it. I am so glad, that especially in these challenging times, I feel the anchor now in myself of what makes me happy, what gives me energy and what I want to contribute in this life.'

NB. Please, check your spambox if you haven't received your confirmation mail within 5 minutes in your inbox. If you can't find it at all, than please send a mail to martine@youngfemaleleadership.com. 

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