The four groupsessions

Introduction call:

During this introduction call we get to know each other and each other's intention and goals for the program. During this session you will get an explanation about the content and technical course of the program. This session takes place on Saturday October 9th, 2021 from 10am - 12pm CET.

Coach call 1:

In the first group coaching you worked through most assignments of part 1 of the modules. You have taken the first important steps and already gained great insights about your qualities, personal mission and dream life. At this point you may already have questions and/or are looking for more depth. We will discuss this during the first group coaching. We might cluster your questions per theme and really go deeper into each subject. After this session you will have more in-depth assignments and tools to take it a step further. This session takes place on Saturday 6th of November 2021 from 10am to 12pm CET.

Coach call 2:

During the 2nd group coaching session we will discuss what you have been working on intensively in the second part of the program. You will have insight into the important resources within yourself that support you on the path of your mission. Super! You also have insight into the possible obstacles and obstacles that prevent you from being able to live your mission altogether. We will zoom in on that in this group call. You will experience support from the group, recognition of your challenges with others and you will receive valuable tools that will help you further in transforming/leaving your obstacles. This session takes place on Saturday 11th of December from 10am to 12pm CET.

Coach call 3:

Prior to the third group coaching session you will be introduced to valuable practical tools you can use to increase your resilience. If all goes well, you'll have an overview of the tools that will help you to get back in shape after a setback or disappointment. You have also practiced meditation and breathing. During this group session we will really take a moment to think about everything that is already there, what you have already taken from the process and what valuable things you already have in your toolbox. After this session you really have a boost of confidence and clarity in what you can effectively use to continue on the path of your mission. This session takes place on Saturday 15th of January 2022 from 10am to 12pm CET.

Coach call 4:

The final group session will be dedicated to the path of your mission for the future. During the final phase of the program you will have worked through your insights and intermediate steps on a concrete plan of action for the time thereafter towards the life of your mission and dream goals. This session is all about sharing and inspiring how you will do this and what successes you have already celebrated. If you were still in doubt how to put what you have learned into practice, after this group call you will have your trust back. This session takes place on Saturday 12th of February from 10am to 12pm CET.