Audio's for you: Breathe and meditate!

Meditation 1: Body Scan During this 22-minutes meditation your awareness will be brought deeply into your body and all of your body parts . By doing so you will sink deeper into your body, which will create more space and calmness in your mind, which will lead towards more clarity and new insights. Listen here to meditation 1 .

Meditation 2: Powerful Breathing exercises I. In this 18-minutes audio Martine will guide you through 3 breathing exercises. These exercises will help you relax your body, your nervous system and evacuate your emotions. Afterwards you will notice more space in your head and new insights or focus on what you want to accomplish or create might come up. 
These exercises are great to start your day with and to feel into your intention and what wants to be created (naturally and with ease) for that day, afterwards. But ofcourse any other chosen moment is good as well. Listen here to meditation 2.


Meditation session - Long: physical body, breathing exercises and first chakra. This is a recorded online 66-minutes group session, for rooting and grounding. It starts with relaxation and a lot of attention for the body, to slowly move from awareness in your head towards awareness in your body.
In the middle part there are 2 powerful breathing exercises, easy to follow. They bring extra oxygen, space and energy into your body and can help shift everything that feels stuck in your system at the moment.
In the last part we'll travel towards the first chakra to ground and root your energy body. You can feel supported by having your feet on the ground. The first chakra helps us to feel safe in our body and just be. It helps us to feel at home in our environment and being able to nourish our body, mind and soul in the right way. You can also follow and listen to this audio in 3 pieces, if it is too long for you in one go. Listen here.

Meditation 3: Selflove. Take a moment of attention and self-love for yourself. Self-love is the root for living all your dreams and desires!
Come more into your body, bring your attention and love to it and feel much better pretty soon. Everything you crave for from time to time, you can also give to yourself very well.
Feel more connected with yourself, with all the good things around you and experience more clarity in your mind.
Listen to these 21 minutes and try to stay with your attention with yourself for a while.

Meditation 4: For a full head with many returning thoughts.This is a meditation you can do if you are currently in your head a lot and/or suffer a lot from thoughts that come back every time.
Ten minutes of practice can already help to break this cycle. The more you practice this, the easier it becomes to break the cycle of thinking all the time and the more easy you give space to the feelings that lie underneath. For the sake of more peace and clarity in your head. 

Long session of Embodied Meditation

Long meditation: short body scan - Short breathing exercises - journey through all chakras.