Dance of Shiva and Shakti

This Five Element Form is a connecting and empowering practice. Its purpose is to enhance the qualities of health and vitality and to promote your natural abilities to heal and rejuvenate so that you can discover your amazing true potential

Foto Afke

Foto of my teacher Afke Reijenga

Practiced at the beginning of each day, the Five Element Form will:

  1. Change your mind’s perspective of your daily activities, empowering you to actively create situations that enhance the quality of your life.
  2. Physically tone, stretch and strengthen the muscle body.
  3. Enhance personal health and vitality by creating tissue pumps that promote the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids in the organs and tissues of the body.
  4. Increase the volume and quality of the breath which promotes energy and vitality.
  5. Create a calm meditative state that promotes the release of mental stress and anxiety, creating space for reflection, contemplation and creativity.

The Dance of Shiva and Shakti is a form of hatha yoga. The phrase ‘hatha yoga’ is a combination of three words: ‘ha’ meaning the sun, ‘tha’ meaning the moon, and yoga meaning yoke or union. Thus, the practice of hatha yoga refers to the union of the sun and moon. 

The Five Element Form 

It connects us to the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and akasha. The Form uses breath, creative visualisation, healing colors and sounds in a powerful, transformative physical and spiritual practice.

The whole month of February you can join for free as a trial, every Wednesday morning from 7.45am until 8.45am. 

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  • You can join straight from your bed.
  • From your living room or even from a place outside.
  • You don't specifically need a yoga mat for the movements and positions.
  • You could use a yoga mat when your underground is slippery, but other solutions to that are just as welcome.
  • You can practice in any kind of comfortable clothes, bare feet or on sneakers depending on your preference or where you are.
  • If you feel like than just have a piece of fruit and some tea before, but preferably no large breakfast.


Just enjoy!