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Live your true mission

Dominique van Wingerden, a true mission expert, will host an online workshop 'Live your mission' on April 10th from 10 to 12. During this workshop she will guide you through meditations and reflective questions to get deeper and deeper into the essence of your being. There where your answers and insights lie, to the question of what your own unique mission is!

This workshop is part of the Young Female Leadership Program, but can also be attended separately for 25,-.

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'My name is Dominique and I work as a coach and trainer. I am active, curious, spiritual and pragmatic. I enjoy realizing dreams, challenging myself and others and I love to write and travel. It is my mission to discover together with you what your vocation is and how you can realize it. To live from your authentic core and do what is yours to do here on the planet. My belief is that we all have a unique mission. A combination of our desires, talents and motives. As soon as we start to use our heads to carry out what our heart tells us, we will build a new loving world together.'


Masterclass Female Pleasure

Mirjam van YourEden is an intimacy and pleasure coach. She graduated as a philosopher of law at Leiden University, worked in IT as a project manager and marketer. Through her own struggles with sex and being a woman in a man's world, she came on the path of Yoni Healing and Tantra.  Since 2016, she has been guiding women to their authentic sensuality and sexuality through coaching and yoni healing. She believes that Female Pleasure is the medicine that this cut-throat, goal-oriented society needs to live in balance, freedom and love.  Our Female Pleasure can flow when we start living our bodies, emotions, intuition and sexuality in our own way. Can you imagine how that feels when you live your own sexuality fully and your energy is allowed to flow freely?

Mirjam will host an online master class 'Female Pleasure' on Wednesday evening, May 12, from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.! Yeah! So much fun that she will share with you how she came to her mission and share some exercises in this safe setting, to let you connect with your own Female Pleasure. Of course there is room for questions and sharing experiences.

This Master class is part of the Young Women's Leadership program, but can also be attended separately for €20,-.

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What we contribute

This School for Young Female Leadership's mission is to support as many young women as possible to live the life they envision.

‘Live a life without limits, all things are possible to those who believe. ’

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