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Travel with us for 4 months through this online group program 'Young Female Leadership'. 

Courageous, smart, sensitive, young women on a mission, ready for a personal adventure. Young women from all over the world, who are willing to invest in themselves. Who want to dig deeper into themselves and follow their desire to live their own personal unique life mission, in order to feel more powerful and fulfilled at the steering wheel of their work and private life.

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Young Female Leadership Program

'Life changing!'

For young women....

  • who are looking for a strong and stable center from calmness.
  • who want to live their truth.
  • who want to make more connection with their own inexhaustible source of trust, inner knowing and creativity.
  • with a good sense of humor.
  • who want to speak more from their heart.
  • who can be sensitive to this world full of contradictions.
  • who want to invest in themselves.
  • who are open to explore with each other.

But who sometimes also..

  • can have difficulty with the feeling of truly belonging to this world.
  • experience stress.
  • sleep less good.
  • may find it difficult to fully connect with themselves and the world around them.
  • can have difficulties with trust.
  • are looking for more.
  • can have difficulty with stable relationships based on trust.
  • can have difficulty staying present and feel the urge to withdraw regularly.
  • can feel overwhelmed

Who are looking for..

  • more confidence and self-confidence
  • more tools and insights to follow your path
  • being more who you want to be.
  • being able to make big life choices more easily.
  • experiencing more peace and adventure.
  • having more insight into your unique potential.
  • Experiencing more harmony between your inner and outer world.
  • knowing what suits you and being able to make your ideas and dreams come true.
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Young Female Leadership Program

‘What I love about the program is that I could truly be and tap into myself, because of the atmosphere you created around it. I am so glad, that especially in these challenging times, I feel the anchor now in myself of what makes me happy, what gives me energy and what I want to contribute in this life.'

How does it work?

  1. The program is on an online platform linked to this website.
  2. We will kick off together in an introduction call on Saturday the 9th of October 2021. You will be introduced to your fellow participants and to the content and technical aspects of the program.
  3. During 13 weeks you will receive a new module every week, which consists of an informative theme video, an assignment belonging to the theme and a supporting meditation or audio to deepen the theme. (Find the themes of the modules here!).
  4. You can share your experiences with the theme and your assignments on a private platform, so you can follow, support and inspire each other.
  5. The assignments will cost you about 2 hours a week.
  6. The coach will answer your questions and follow your process online.
  7. After every 4 weeks there is a week of rest to let things sink in, integrate or update your assignments. Don't worry if you fall behind; everything stays on the platform and you can share things with each other at a later time via this online environment.
  8. Once a month there is an online group meeting in the form of a Zoom call. In this meeting we discuss everyone's progress and all the bumps on the road. (Click here to see the dates and how the group sessions are structured!)
  9. During the group session you can share your personal goals, insights and exciting new steps. You can also ask others here for support.
  10. During the 4 months of this program you are invited to follow our online meditation sessions and physical movement sessions for free. 
  11. You will continue to have access to the modules and you can always take part in a second round of this training.

Package I:

€99,- per month

  • A free 'get-to-know-eachother' session without obligations;
  • Four months online training;
  • In an online group environment ;
  • One theme video each week, one workdocument with a theme related assignment and 1 theme related meditation or audio;
  • Time investment of around 2 hours per week;
  • Each month 1 online groupsession (click);
  • Joining all the bi-weekly online meditationsessions;
  • Having free acces to two online workshops: 'Live your unique mission' and 'Female Pleasure'.

Package II:

€169,- per month

  • Free 'get-to-know-each other' session without obligations ;
  • Four months online training;
  • In an online group environment;
  • One theme video each week, one workdocument with theme related assignment en one theme-related meditation;
  • Time investment of around 2 hours per week;
  • Each month 1 online groupsession (click);
  • Joining all the bi-weekly meditation sessions;
  • 4 Individual Coachingsessions (click here to see the content of these sessions);
  • Having free acces to two online workshops: 'Live your unique mission' and 'Female Pleasure'.

The next round of this program will be from the 11th of October 2021 until the 11th of February 2022. Request your free get-to-know-eachother session to figure if this is really suitable for you, via or contact us straight away by +31 633290336.

Young woman with acne and self-inducing scars


Young Female Leadership Program

'Wow, Martine stays so present and accessible that I really had a great breakthrough during the program. Something I had never been capable of before.'


What do you have in your hands after this program?

Greater and deeper insight into where you stand and who you (even more) are.

Tools to bring you back to your own essence and trust every time you loose track.

More clarity, focus and insight on what is yours to do and to bring here in life.

More insight into which story you want to live and how to get there.

More insight into your inner and outer resources.

Clarity in your next actionsteps! 

You have met new soul sisters!

When is it?

The next new round will start on: 

11th of October 2021 until 11th of February 2021

and the following next round will start on:

11th of March 2022 until 11th of July 2022

Request your free get-to-know-eachother session via or contact us straight away by +31 633290336.

Or subscribe directly! 


In all our group offerings, our goal is to create an atmosphere of sisterhood.  In sisterhood we create a warm open space of listening, presence and connection. We can practice in being present with an open heart and an open mind. Within the group programs we hold space for everyone's movement of ups and downs in the process of letting go of what is no longer serves us and giving birth to new possibilities, feelings, insights and action steps. Knowing that there is no need to fill it in or solve it for the other, but trusting that being there and listening can already have a magical impact. We can learn from the impact  that other stories have on our own inner world.  That's where all of us will feel the connection and possibilities for growth.

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Young Female Leadership Program

'The online program under the guidance of Martine Nauta has been incredibly valuable to me. The program is very powerfully put together and the coaching is fantastic. It is unique how much warmth, dedication and personal attention there is for the participants.'

Watch this video if you'd like some answers to the questions below.

  • Who am I?
  • What is Young Female Leadership / what does it represent, why and for whom?
  • Who are you?
  • What does living your unique mission truly mean to us? And what are the necessary ingredients?
  • How can you recognise not living your mission?
  • How can you recognise living your mission?
  • What does it take to get to the place where you start living your mission?
  • What we provide and how we help women to find, live and embody their mission.

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