These live meditation sessions via Zoom are designed to connect you with the wisdom and intelligence of your body and to experience what you need in your next steps. The more you sink into your body and calm the nerve system, the more peace, space and clarity will arise in your head. In our body we find an important part of our own inner compass and we find possible answers to questions that can occupy us. You can follow these sessions from a quiet corner in your own home!

Coming dates:

  • Thursday 29th of April / body, breath and energy (cancelled!)
  • Tuesday 11th of May / embodied meditation
  • Thursday 27th of May / body, breath and energy
  • Thursday 10th of June / body, breath and energy
  • Thursday 24th of June / embodied meditation
  • Thursday 8th of July / body, breath and energy 

Timefrom 8:15 until 9:30 pm CET

Costs: 10 Euro per session

You will be directed to the page with the Zoomlink after your payment. Save your link details with care! In case of loss you can mail directly to You are invited to follow these sessions for free when you are in a group program.

If you feel you truly want to commit to your meditation practice, you can also buy a 10-sessions card here for the price of €85,-. Write down all the dates in your agenda, show up and become aware of how it serves you.

If you sign up below, you will be automatically put on the mailing list to stay informed and inspired about the meditation sessions. You can always unsubscribe yourself. You can find our short and longer recorded meditation sessions here

A new moon meditation sessions are structured as follow (body, breath, energy) :

  • At new moon you may share your intentions or goals for the following weeks.
  • In the first 10 minutes we regularly do some light movement exercises and connect to our body.
  • Then 20 minutes of powerful breathing exercises.
  • 35 minutes of guided meditation, this is often aimed at balancing your energy body.
  • 5 minutes free meditation.
  • At the end of free meditation we end the session. If you still want to stay in your own meditation, you can check yourself out of the Zoom session. You can also stay at the end and possibly share something after the session.

The full moon sessions consist of Embodied Meditation. A form of meditation in which you are in motion from what wants to arise in your body. For almost an hour you are in motion and we conclude with an approximately 10 minute silence meditation. Try it! Maybe you will become as enthusiastic as we are!

For whom is it?

For young women.... 

  • who are looking for a strong and stable center from calmness.
  • who want to live their truth.
  • who want to make more connection with their own inexhaustible source of trust, inner knowing and creativity.
  • with a good sense of humor.
  • who want to speak more from their heart.
  • who can be sensitive to this world full of contradictions.
  • who want to invest in themselves.
  • who are open to explore with each other.

But who sometimes also..

  • can have difficulty with the feeling of truly belonging to this world.
  • experience stress.
  • sleep less good.
  • may find it difficult to fully connect with themselves and the world around them.
  • can have difficulties with trust.
  • are looking for more.
  • can have difficulty with stable relationships based on trust.
  • can have difficulty staying present and feel the urge to withdraw regularly.
  • can feel overwhelmed.

Calmness is a superpower

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