Looking for a life coach in Amsterdam?

Nowadays it's not weird anymore to get stuck in life. Especially young women experience a lot of pressure from society to present and to keep all the balls in the air at the same time. Are you looking for a good life coach in Amsterdam who can help you create more balance and clarity? Then you've come to the right place. Young Female Leadership consists of two life coaches, Dominique and Martine. Together we started this coaching practice from the idea to assist young women in this complicated and often overwhelming phase of life. We are based in Leiden, but you can also hire us as a life coach in Amsterdam. After all, Amsterdam is close to Leiden, but you can also follow our coaching online. We do this via Zoom or another form of video calling. Ideal for people who like to have contact via video, but also if you don't have the time to come to your coach in Leiden every time. So you can even hire us as a life coach in The Hague or in any other city.

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More peace and quiet thanks to your life coach in Amsterdam

The most important thing about the coaching program that you enter into with one of us is that you experience more peace of mind. We use various techniques for this, such as abdominal breathing, meditation and analyzing emotions and your primary reaction system. This system works differently for everyone. As a result of stress you can flee, fight or freeze. Together with your online life coach in Amsterdam you will analyze how you react to stressful situations and how you can get more control over all aspects of your life. It may be that the emphasis is on your private life, but we know from experience that young women also often need coaching in the field of work and career. We offer this in the form of personal coaching, which focuses on inner peace, self-love, getting more energy and balance.

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Inspiring workshops for young women

Are you such a young woman who could use some inspiration and more inner peace? Do you feel there is more to get out of your life? If that is the reason why you want to hire a life coach in Amsterdam, then you are very welcome at Young Female Leadership. With us you can get personal coaching as well as inspiring trainings and even workshops. Most of the trainings are online, but the workshops are offline in a group with like-minded people. Whatever way you get stuck in life, we offer you inspiration in various forms, so also in a way that suits you.

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