You have already created a fine fundament in your life, your mission is already somewhat clear to you and you have felt for some time that you are ready to take a bigger leap on your personal path or in your career. Our 1 on 1 Female Leadership Coaching program can help you with this very well!

For whom is it? 

  • Women who feel like going for that next step in their authenticity;
  • Women who want extra individual sessions in addition to the online program or meditations;
  • Young leaders;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Project leaders;
  • Managers;
  • Initiators;
  • Medics;
  • Creative people who feel they have a mission and want to make more impact.


  • Transforming obstructive patterns into supportive patterns.
  • Fully embody who you are, what your mission is and the impact you want to make.
  • Gather a network of resources.
  • Experiencing more (self) trust and feeling freer on your path.
  • Gain practical tools to increase your resilience, creativity and vitality.
  • Full confidence that who you are is enough to perform in the desired role.



A series of sessions in our 1 on 1 Female Leadership Coaching program can look like this.  In the process of this trajectory we will of course creatively deal with what comes up spontaneously and needs attention! Of course there is also the possibility to vary the number of sessions.

Session 1: Insight into where you are now. What is there already and what are your wishes in the different areas of life. From there we formulate the transformation goal for this trajectory.

Session 2: Clarify, deepen and sharpen your mission and the impact you would like to make in the world.

Session 3: Gaining insight into your primary reaction system (fight, flight or freeze) and through 360 degree feedback gaining insight into your unconscious impact on your environment.

Session 4: Breathing session aimed at releasing deep barriers and fears. (only possible in a 'in-person meeting')

Session 5: Making even more space (your environment, in your home, in your relationships, your digital space for your new goals).

Session 6: Taking new steps.

Session 7: What do I have in hand now and creating an action roadmap.  

After each session there is homework, for example in the form of literature, following meditations, or making purposeful intermediate steps.

Timeframe: The sessions will take place approximately once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Costs: 90, - per session of 60 to 75 minutes.


What this coaching program at least will give you: 

  • Deeper answers to the questions: who am I, what can I do, what do I want?
  • A concrete plan of action and a clear focus on HOW you are going to realize it.
  • Insight into your 'why', your unique impact on others and your calling/purpose.
  • Daring to make powerful choices based on reason and emotion.
  • Practical tools to strengthen your resilience.
  • More self-confidence, inner peace and self-acceptance.
  • But above all, lots of energy and inspiration to take steps!
  • Unconditional support from your coach!

If you will commit, we will commit.

Plan your free get to know each other session of 30 minutes here.


After payment you will get access to the agenda to schedule your session. This can also be done via email address

your coach

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Martine Nauta

Martine likes to connect with you and is always interested in what is present for you.

She is a woman, theatre dramaturge, integrative therapist, intuitive and system coach and from this mix in her backpack she will stand next to you and walk along.

She knows how to connect with what's going on inside you and what wants to be felt and expressed, in order for you to get clearer about the next steps in your growth.

Martine has a very broad and non-judgmental view on people and life, so everything is allowed to be there and she likes to search with you for more magic and fun! She knows how to put her finger on the core issue pretty quickly. The link will always be made concrete with how it feels in your body. She attunes as much as possible to what suits you, what you are up to and what you are open for. And always makes sure that you can move forward with concrete actionsteps! You can make an appointment with Martine via or via the button on this page.

If your dreams don’t scare the hell out of you, they are not your real dreams