In the online space as well as in the physical space of the School for Young Female Leadership we find openness and acceptance very important.

We work from the following values:

  1. Everyone is equal regardless of color and background.
  2. Social ranking based on social status, education and religion do not apply in the shared space of the School for Young Female Leadership. Every soul is equal and different at the same time!
  3. Love is a birthright for everyone.
  4. Respect for everyone's story, own development and phase of life.
  5. Compassion is a powerful unblocking and healing force.
  6. Connection leads to potential.
  7. Adventure is fun.
  8. Freedom is the ultimate pursuit.
  9. Beauty nourishes the soul.
  10. We are all vulnerable. Crying is allowed!
  11. We are all allowed to come home within ourselves


In all our group offerings, our goal is to create an atmosphere of sisterhood.  In sisterhood we create a warm open space of listening, presence and connection. We can practice in being present with an open heart and an open mind. Within the group programs we hold space for everyone's movement of ups and downs in the process of letting go of what is no longer serves us and giving birth to new possibilities, feelings, insights and action steps. Knowing that there is no need to fill it in or solve it for the other, but trusting that being there and listening can already have a magical impact. We can learn from the impact  that other stories have on our own inner world.  That's where all of us will feel the connection and possibilities for growth.

essence, positive creation, truth

‘Live a life without limits, all things are possible to those who believe. ’