Coach in Leiden for young, ambitious women

Are you a young woman who feels that there is much more to life? Did you think you knew what you wanted but reality turns out differently? If you're struggling to give direction to your life then a number of conversations with a coach might be just what you need. With us you will find a coach in Leiden, which is also easily accessible from Amsterdam and The Hague. So are you looking for a life coach in Amsterdam or a life coach in The Hague? Then you've come to the right place. Our coaching focuses on increasing your resilience, creativity and vitality, but also on creating the right conditions in which you can be happy. We mainly focus on the young, enterprising woman, but also if you are in need of a private coaching in Leiden you can come to us.
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Coach in Leiden for more peace of mind 

We live in a world where we have a lot to do and where we get stimuli all day long. Many young women have a lot of trouble with that, and as a result, get stuck. As a result, their talents are not fully expressed, which of course is a great shame. If you engage your coach in Leiden through us, you will have a personal trajectory that will give you more peace of mind, more clarity about what you want, and above all, more self-confidence. Things that every young woman nowadays can use to grow, whether at work or as a person. With one of us as your coach in Leiden, you will quickly gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and be able to let go of limiting beliefs and fears. Already after a few sessions you will feel freer and better able to take concrete steps towards your dream life or dream job.

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What do we mean by Young Female Leadership?

The first thing you probably think of with the words Young Female Leadership is a leadership position at work. However, what we also mean by it is that you take charge of your own life, and from a state of effortlessness embody your own mission. Together with your coach in Leiden you will work on the 13 different themes that are also in our book 'You young, powerful woman'. These are themes such as your natural qualities, self-love and dealing with emotions. The coaching program is going to give you a lot of clarity and direction, and the power to create and walk your own path.

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