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Martine Nauta auteur boek jij jonge krachtige vrouw

Discover more about your (soul) mission with this digital play- and workbook 'You Young, Powerful Woman

This book is meant to support and guide you to go from a life full of confusing feelings to a life with more clarity and satisfaction. Where you can experience more inner peace and adventure on the path of your mission.

This play-, read- and workbook helps you to get clear who you are (even more), where you want to go, what is holding you back and how to approach or clear obstacles. The book is full of tools and tips and appeals to your head, heart, body and senses and helps you align them for your personal mission.

You can buy this beautiful designed e-version with 13 powerful chapters (find the themes from the book here) print it out if you like and then read and work in it with all your time and attention. You can put it away and grab it every time. To put it away again and grab it again in the next phase of your life.

Meanwhile, several podcasts and meditations have been recorded to support the book. Find the podcast series here and the series of meditations here.

"This book for teenagers to adult women carries the love and warmth to come home to yourself as a reader. By writing, recognition in the stories, knowledge and exercises you learn to embody your life.

As a young woman you may find your plans, dreams and purpose of life now more than ever, regardless of what others expect of you, especially if you have missed someone in your life who says: "Come, come and see me".

Martine Nauta opened her heart as a writer in this book".

Marianne Oude Nijhuis

"As a young woman, you can start shaping your most beautiful life. This book gives you a warm heart and helps you to get to know yourself better. So that you can start living your best story.

Through recognition in the candid stories of Martine Nauta, her knowledge of the world and the creative writing exercises you learn to stay close to yourself and not to get lost by what comes to you from outside".

Laurien Baart

"If only I had had this book in my hands as a young woman at the beginning of my working life. That had given me a lot of valuable handles that I needed so much at the time. And also now the book has helped me enormously and brought me one step closer to myself.

Absolutely recommended, because the insights and exercises from the book, regardless of age and stage of life, remain relevant every time!"

Dominique van Wingerden

About the writer

In her young years Martine Nauta could have a lot of trouble with life. She developed an eating disorder and longed for targeted support in dealing with all her complex feelings and problems, although she rarely showed this to the outside world. She found the help there was very limited. After trial and error she fortunately ended up well and is living the life she used to dream of.   

Because she wants to pass on her life lessons to new generations of young women, she put them all on paper. This resulted in the book 'You young, powerful woman', with which she wants to help young women find and realize their life purpose.

This she says about it herself

With this book I want you to discover your mission where everything feels right. And I want you to take the first steps towards the life you dream of deep inside. So that you can enjoy sharing your talents with the world and dare to play with what comes your way.

I want nothing more than for you to live by your own rules. That you take your place completely with everything that belongs to you. That you know how to create beautiful relationships, with yourself and others. That you express what is important to you. 

And above all: that you are happy with yourself and your life. 

Martine Nauta


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