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Can you imagine your life completely in flow and in line with your heart, your soul and your story?

In which you feel free to embody and share your truth, values and mission with the world via your talents and competences? With more sense of purpose?

In which you have even more insight into what your femininity means to you and you experience more natural balance and energy?

It is our mission to support and inspire young, sensitive and smart women, up to the age of 34 in finding, living and embodying their mission and developing conscious personal leadership, applicable in work and private life. Do you feel like having a life full of creativity, adventure ánd inner peace?

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Young Female Leadership Program

‘I've participated in the Young Female Leadership program and found this very helpful and it brought me closer to finding/living my ideal life. I can recommend this to any young woman, it will give you more clarity and answers and I've had such warm and great experiences with Martine and Dominique. I also had a one on one energy reading with Martine and joined the meditation classes several times, and I think that if you are open to it, it is worth giving yourself the time to learn more about yourself with looking inward and the guidance from the school for Young Female Leadership.'

'Find your tribe and everything will be easier'

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Who are you?

1. You take the first steps in your personal development

and are looking for who you are (more). You doubt your choices, occasionally you feel alone in your search, you wonder if you belong and are looking for more self-confidence, more direction and grip on the path where you are now. You would like to find out if we are able to serve you in what you are looking for. 

Join the meditation sessions  or physical movement sessions and buy the online workbook 'You Young, Powerful Woman' as the first accessible step and work in it with the accompanying podcast series and meditations. You are always welcome for individual coaching sessions!

2. You already know that you are ready for concrete support and inspiration on your way

to your dreams and mission. Your education does give you a nice diploma, but you still have doubts about your ability and/or direction in life. You know for sure that there is more in you and your dreams are great, but you can't quite reach them yet. You feel like a small player in the big world and are looking for your own sound and added value. You feel like taking life into your own hands. 

Follow our four-monthly online group program with  e-coaching combined with 4 group coaching sessions starting in March 2021. Our online meditation- and physical movement sessions are included in the program as well. Of course you are also always welcome for individual coaching! 

Read more about the online Young Women Leadership Program...

3. You're really in need of kick-ass change in your life 

because you already know what you don't want. You have already tasted everything but there remains a void. Looking at others who seem to go easy is sometimes painful. You know it's time for a big next step, but you also find it exciting. You want to feel much freer and complete and you want to clear the path to your soul mission and get to the place where the true gold lies for you.

Combine the online group program (including the 4 groupcoachingsessions) and add 4 individual coaching sessions for some extra support and speed. You will feel fully supported to take big steps. The next program starts in March 2021.

Our online meditation sessions and physical movement sessions are included in the program!

Read more about the program...

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Young Female Leadership Program

'The online program under the guidance of Martine Nauta has been incredibly valuable to me. The program is very powerfully put together and the coaching is fantastic. It is unique how much warmth, dedication and personal attention there is for the participants.'

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Young Female Leadership Program

'Life changing!'



Young Female Leadership Program

'The Young Female Leadership program challenges you to really look deep within yourself. This, combined with Martine's warm-hearted and respectful personality, makes it a strong program to embrace the path to an even brighter future. At your own pace.'

What does Young Female Leadership offer..


Become the freer version of yourself on the path of your life mission
This online group program 'Young Female Leadership' is a personal leadership training to become a freer version of yourself and to be able to walk the path of your mission with more fun and ease.
During this training you will get to know yourself and your story even better. You will recognize and acknowledge your obstacles even more and discover tools to clear your path for now and in the future.

Coming up for October 2021

as a follow up 'mastermind' for women who have done the program and would like to integrate it further and stay supported on the path of their mission.


In individual sessions we are at our best with people who have a goal in mind. This goal can be big for you, but does not necessarily have to be played big in the world, but of course it is allowed!

This goal may be concrete, but may also be linked to an intangible feeling, a desire or a vague image that keeps coming back. 

Your goal can be both professional and personal, although the two go hand in hand more often than people think.

In our guidance your wholeness, connection and flow are central. 

These live meditation sessions via Zoom are designed to connect you with the wisdom of your body and to feel into your needs and your next steps. In our body we find an important part of our own inner compass.

Coming dates:

  • Thursday 14th of January / body, breath, energy
  • Tuesday 26th of January / embodied meditation
  • Thursday 25th of February / body, breath, energy
  • Wednesday 10th of March / embodied meditation
  • Thursday 25th of March / body, breath, energy
  • Tuesday 13th of April / embodied meditation 


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Young Female Leadership Program

' I feel so much more aware of my feelings and thoughts nowadays. It has become much easier for me now to come out of overwhelm and stay on the steering wheel. The program itself is of great value'

In all our group offerings, our goal is to create an atmosphere of sisterhood.  In sisterhood we create a warm open space of listening, presence and connection for everyone. We can all practice in being present with an open heart and an open mind for each other. Within the group programs we hold space for everyone's movement of ups and downs in the process of letting go of what is no longer serves us and giving birth to new possibilities, feelings, insights and action steps. Knowing that there is no need to fill it in or solve the problem for the other, but trusting that being there and listening can already have a magical impact. We can learn from the impact that other stories have on our own inner world.  That's where all of us will feel the connection and possibilities for growth.

Watch this video if you would like to hear some answers to the questions below.

  • Who am I?
  • What is Young Female Leadership / what does it represent, why and for whom?
  • Who are you?
  • What does living your unique mission truly mean to us? And what are the necessary ingredients?
  • How can you recognise not living your mission?
  • How can you recognise living your mission?
  • What does it take to get to the place where you start living your mission?
  • What we provide and how we help women to find, live and embody their mission.

Live, Love, Lead

evi vermeer

Evi Vermeer

Evi Vermeer Teamcoaching

'Martine heeft een natuurlijk talent voor coachen. Ze weet precies de balans te vinden tussen regie pakken en ruimte geven. Ik heb de sessies met haar als zeer prettig ervaren. Ze hebben mij en mijn werkpartner veel waardevolle informatie en acties opgeleverd waarop we ons werk konden verbeteren.'


Dinga van Driel

Drielink Coaching

'Martine was heel mindful, authentiek, gefocust en gericht op ons proces. Ze heeft ons proces echt gefaciliteerd. Ze weet wanneer en hoe te interveniëren. Haar aanwezigheid is natuurlijk, bewust en respectvol. Ze is niet bang voor wat zich aandient. Je kunt haar vertrouwen in wat ze doet.'

Lavinia Lindsay

Lavinia Lindsay

White Shirt Project

'Martine is voor mij zeer inspirerend geweest. Ik ben geraakt door de diepe aanwezigheid die zij in relaties brengt. Ik ben onder de indruk van haar mooie en echte wijsheid, altijd gebracht met een afstemming die spreekt van bewustzijn en een vermogen om aanwezig te zijn met alles wat het leven is; mooi, rauw, rommelig en sappig.'