In this video I will explain what we mean with the concept Young Female Leadership and how we want to guide and inspire women to lead their private and work life in their own authentic and natural way.

How can setting intentions serve your leadership? Setting intentions is tuning into what is present now, and from there getting a sense for what is needed to steer into the direction of the desired situation. You commit to what is needed to put your focus on to move towards this desired situation. In order to stay on your own track instead of having yourself distracted by events or noise around you..... while working with the circumstances or surprises on the road.

How can a morning ritual serve your leadership? To live our mission, we need focus, energy, vision, creativity. And of course much more! At night we digest the day before or things from the past and many times we get up with returning bothering thoughts, a stiffer body, or some kind of moody feeling that colours the way we look at the world around us. A morning ritual helps us to come back to our center and feel clear and fresh again. Also it helps to tune into what is truly necessary or possible on this day. Sometimes our to do list or goals for the day don’t match with our energy! Adapting to your energy will add more flow into your actions, and helps to avoid draining you. Just decide on the amount of time you want to reserve for it. (By the way this time is never wasted!!). And see if you can do some breathing exercises, some movement and some form of expression.

Things known for working for many different people:

  1. Meditation
  2. Breathing exercises (you can find some on my website or on YouTube)
  3. Physical exercises (yoga, workout, stretching, dancing, having a walk, anything that works for you)
  4. Journaling and being non critical to what you write. It’s just to express.
  5. Taking a cold shower.
  6. Making a healthy breakfast and taking your time for it.
  7. Check in with yourself how you are doing and what you need to be and stay ‘good’. Pick your intentions for the day that feel matching and doable with your status of that moment.
  8. And go!

Just pick a combination of the above that works for you but always imply number 7. And commit and stick to it!

What does love have to do with Female Leadership?
And we can approach this from many different angles.
In this first video I share my own realization in the past, that if I would feel unconditionally loved and supported (in a universal love kind of way, not in a romantic love kind of way), I would be able to do or create anything I was dreaming of.

With that, I also realized at that time that I didn’t feel unconditionally loved and supported. I acknowledged it, I felt it, I accepted it and that is where my own ‘love practice’ started. I was a grown up now, so I had to take my own responsibility for it!

Being part of a safe and encouraging space with others, really helped me to practice sharing myself in a more vulnerable and essential way and become aware of my own inner obstacles for giving and receiving love.

Now I know that whenever my actions come from a true place of love, there is less space for doubting myself or others and more space for connection, exploration and a constructive follow-up.

This is exactly why we are providing this space to the participants in our Female Leadership Program.

Schrijf je in en ontvang direct en gratis het waardevolle deel'Wat is de persoonlijke missie die helemaal bij jou past' uit het boek 'Jij jonge, krachtige vrouw' en blijf op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen en het aanbod van de School voor Jong Vrouwelijk Leiderschap.